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Are you experiencing state or federal tax issues? Let us help you with tax relief.  Located in Roseland in Essex County, NJ, we serve individuals and companies nationwide. 

Tax Attorney in Roseland, Essex County, NJ

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The help that I provide to my tax clients revolves around the philosophy
that there is a solution to every problem, no matter how difficult the problem is.
Most tax problems are solved through strategy and negotiation…


Services Overview

*  Unfiled federal and state tax returns
*  Back taxes
*  Offshore account voluntary disclosures
*  Offshore account non-voluntary matters
*  Penalty abatement cases
*  Innocent spouse matters
*  Offers in compromise
*  Payment plans to the IRS and the state
*  IRS and state wage garnishments
*  IRS and state levies
*  IRS and state liens
*  IRS and state tax audits
*  Payroll tax problems
*  Independent contractor vs employee issues
*  Collection Appeals
*  Tax Court matters
*  NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development audits
*  State sales tax audits

Why choose Us?

Scott H. Novak, Attorney at Law, is the driving force behind  Mr. Novak is passionate about helping people at a time in their life that is potentially very difficult and frightening.  He brings a wealth of experience both in business and the law that gives him the unique ability to understand and relate to the issues that both individuals and businesses face as they try to navigate through complex tax problems.  Mr. Novak has an advanced law degree (LL.M.) in federal taxation and is an adjunct law professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University.